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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Lawatan 5S Kolej Mara Banting

Lawatan berkenaan telah diadakan pada Rabu 6 Jan 2010 bermula jam 8.30am. Rombongan seramai 35 orang diketuai oleh Tuan Pengarah KM Banting sendiri Dr Syed Anwar Aly dan TP HEP En Mohd Hatta. Taklimat diadakan di bilik teater IKML dengan ucapan aluan oleh TP KPHP IKML, En Mohd Azam Salleh. Wakil KM Banting, En Mohd Hatta seterusnya memberikan ucapan. Taklimat 5S dari IKML diberikan oleh Ustazah Kamelah dan disusuli soal jawab. Selepas minum pagi, rombongan dibawa melawat ke bangunan pentadbiran, kursus STBP, SKBN dan logistik. Majlis penutup disempurnakan oleh En Nawawi B Omar TP HEA IKML dan ucapan balas dari Pengarah KM Banting sendiri. Setelah majlis penyampaian cenderahati, majlis ditutup pada jam 1.00 tengahari dengan sesi bergambar.

Efisien Produktif Kualiti
5S Budaya Kita Amalan Kita


Timothy Wooi said...

Need training or coaching on methodology of Implementing 5's and making 5's part of your Culture?
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Timothy Wooi said...

Lean Manufacturing System is the revolutionary super-efficient production system pioneered by Toyota Motor Company.  The core focus of "Lean" is to vigorously eliminate Wastes. Many companies are converting their existing Production System to be "Lean".  They are rewarded with the huge benefits such as 80% lead time reduction, 50% inventory reduction, 20% floor space saving,  10%-30% boost in productivity,  50% improvement in first pass workmanship quality and a high morale workforce.  In short, the cost is lower, the quality and delivery performance improved.

Timothy Wooi said...

What are benefits of a 5's Environment?
It gives Ability to understand the status of a area in 5 minutes or less by simple observation without use of computers or speaking to anyone.”
1S Sift and Sort (Organize)
2S Stabilize (Orderliness)
3S Shine (Cleanliness)
4S Standardize (Adherence)
5S Sustain (Self-discipline)

Detailed info from

Timothy Wooi said...


Course aim
To help delegates to write technical reports that are clear, concise and easy for readers to understand and act upon. It covers the principles of preparing, writing and editing technical reports.
• Technical report writing skills
• How to write a technical report - a process for making it easier
• Planning reports - agreeing the terms of reference
• Your readers - how much detail, how much jargon?
• Report writing format - Structuring a technical report, section by section
• Structuring information
• Dealing with non-essential information
• Report writing skills: using plain English in report writing and when to use jargon
• Controlling paragraph and sentence lengths, plain English again
• Using pronouns, footnotes, technical data, diagrams, graphs, tables, illustrations, captions, bullet points, numbering systems, references, etc.
• Editing reports: for accuracy, brevity and clarity
• Active or passive voice, and 'smothered' verbs, in technical reports

Duration: 1 day workshop

Timothy Wooi said...

Why is 5's neccessary and practiced in a World Class Facility?
Standards so management can evaluate performance
Necessary to enforce discipline
Standards for diagnosis, self-evaluation, a Necessary to enforce discipline
"Buy in" to Enforce discipline
With buy-in, “discipline” isn’t necessary

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Timothy Wooi said...

10 Ways to Kill 5's

1. Make sure you drive transition from the bottom up
2. Assume 5's will take place by itself without training and energy
3. Try to accomplish 5'S all at once
4. Try to accomplish 5'S implementation all by yourself
5. Wait until after you begin your 5'S training to establish metrics and measurement techniques
6. Look for magic bullet solution
7. Allow existing methodologies to be viewed as “stand-alone”
8. Assume that all leaders will understand and lead the transformation
9. Relegate responsibility for 5'S implementation to staff function
10.Study every 5'S issues exhaustively until you have the right solution

Let us do it together as a Team.
Team- Together,Everyone Acheives More!

Timothy said...
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Timothy said...

Timothy Wooi will be at KMB Banting this 15th June 2010 at 2.30pm for a 5'S Training & Kaizen.
His default email is having some technical problem and can only be reached at at the momment.
See you there towards being World Class.

Timothy said...

Just completed a 5S Training Kaizen at KMB Banting last week.
Did a short Kaizen at 3 places with all students implementing 1st S 2nd S & will followup on the 3rd S.
You can see the pictures from this link